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    Company Profile
    HEEE is provide sustainable engineering solutions which meet the requirements of ecological recycling and green development
          HEEE is the front-runner of biogas and bio-methane industry in China, as the EPC contractor, HEEE has built a important agricultural CDM project in China, a important agricultural biogas power generation project in China and a important mixed raw materials bio-methane project in China.      

         Founded in 1992, HEEE is a leading company in China specializing in biogas and bio-methane engineering, using anaerobic technologies to treat high solid content organic waste, the business scope include research and development, treatment process design, equipment supply and installation, commissioning and general contracting. 

         HEEE has built more than 200 large-scale biogas and bio-methane projects both in China and abroad, mainly in agricultural, municipal and industrial domain, raw materials include livestock manure, crop straw, fruit and vegetable waste, municipal sludge, food waste, pharmaceutical waste, alcohol waste, vinasse, etc. HEEE obtained 2 state-level Science & Technology Progress 2nd Grade Award, 1 state-level Science & Technology Progress 3rd Grade Award, 2 Ministry-level Science & Technology Progress 1st Grade Awards, 1 Province-level Science & Technology Progress 1st Grade Award, 5 Province-level Science & Technology Progress 2nd Grade Award, HEEE also holds 15 invention and utility patents.      

    Company History
    • 1992
      Establishment of HEEE

      Hangzhou layer farm chicken manure biogas project

    • 1995
      Introduction and first application of LIPP tank

      - Shaoxing wine group wastewater biogas project.

      -Obtain Zhejiang Province Science & Technology Progress 2nd Grade Award

    • 2000
      3 UNDP/GEF Projects

      -Beijing Shunyi manure wastewater treatment project.

    • 2007
      2 UNDP/GEF Projects

      -Beijing DQY 2MW biogas generation project.

    • 2008
      Agricultural CDM project for biogas power generation in China

      -Shandong Minhe (Phase I) 3MW biogas power generation project.

    • 2010
      Overseas project

      -Bangladesh 100kW chicken manure biogas generation project.

    • 2012
      Food waste treatment demonstration projects

      -Qingdao Sifon 200t/d food Waste Bio-methane Project.

    • 2014
      March 2014, merge and acquisition by Jiangsu WELLE, HEEE becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of WELLE.

      -Shandong Minhe (Phase II) 42000 m3/d Bio-methane Project.

      -July 2014, Completion of HEEE manufacture center

    • 2015
      Bio-methane project in Xinjiang

      -Xinjiang Hutubi Cattle Farm 22,000 m3/d Bio-methane Project.

    • 2016
      Mixed raw materials bio-methane project

      -CGN Hengshui mixed raw material 100,000 m3/d Bio-methane Project.

    • 2017
      Recycling-farm-mode biogas project

      -MOA Liangjiahe Biogas Demonstration Project.

    HEEE is committed to provide sustainable engineering solutions which meet the requirements of ecological recycling and green development.
    Projects done by HEEE——
    > Treating 6.6 million tons of organic waste annually;
    > Producing 400 million m3 biogas (equivalent to 200 million gasoline) from organic waste annually;
    > Reducing GHG by 4.6 million tons of CO2 equivalent.
    vironmental protection Renewable energy Eco-recycling
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